Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unfair World - Dad and Grapefruits

My dad is a great person. He's generally quiet, a performer at the dinner table, an exceptional problem solver, and an extraordinary doer of good deeds. If I picked one food that I knew my dad liked it would be grapefruits. It's also the only food that he is not allowed to have because of his medication. It's too acidic and may cause a fatal reaction.

What the hell?

I know that life is not fair. That the concept of people"getting what they deserve" is a trick to make people follow rules. I think this massive violation of what is fair in the cosmos proves that there is no moral order in the universe.

Oh, to the people who claim "everything happens for a reason" I say:

You are sad and afraid and annoy me. Does your ability to rationalize what is unfair not terrify you? Are you willing to accept me punching your face for reasons you don't understand but insist are there? Perhaps I should not press too hard since you are clearly a frail, weak creature not built for thinking. If your God has some reason why my dad can't eat his beloved grapefruits then I dismiss your petty deity as lightly as a character in a child's story. Come back when you develop a belief system which doesn't coddle you in its bosom when you catch a glimpse of the cold indifference of chance.

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