Thursday, April 10, 2008


I had a great phone call with Simon who is still in Australia. He's finally going to do some stand up and we were talking about his set. I was surprised that he had chosen a "one-liner" style (because I laugh most often when he tells story). He sent me a list of one-liners so we could discuss them. It's neat to talk jokes with someone who appreciates the nuances of subtle wording and predicting the audience's response. It's inspired me to create some material in the same style to see what he thinks of my make-em-laughs.

As I think about never meeting you, my Great Great Grand, I realize that this journal has gone on for a long time without me proving how funny I am. Humour is an enormous part of my life -reaching into history, future and present personality.

I have to get writing these jokes right now. But in my next post I'll breakdown what I consider to be my comedy skills.
-Visions of reactions
-My style
I'll also write about what I think can be trained and what develops accidentally.

Maybe this will lead to a larger series of posts about my strengths and weaknesses. You can tell me if they carry down through DNA. I would say they don't -I'm completely Nurture over Nature. I think everything comes from upbringing and there is no natural talent. But I'm dead, right? You're free to think what you will.

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