Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Win Most of My Arguments With Comparisons to Nazi Germany

It's true. Nazi Germany is an often abused tool of rhetoric. There are wonderfully wild accusations that politicians act like Hitler. Pretty much all authority runs the risk of being compared to the totalitarian regime. Also, they make great villains because they deserve to have their faces melt -proven by Indiana Jones. But Nazi Germany is a great twist in everyday conversation. Watch here as I skillfully taint the movie Tampopo by drawing a devastating parallel.


Tampopo was terrible.

You didn't get it.

That soup scene was long and not funny. The one with the chicken in the pot -not funny.

You don't come from a culture that allows you to appreciate it. Food is important in Japan. Especially the Ramen industry, people are very particular-

So I should change who I am to appreciate it?

You should be open to the fact that some people appreciate it. You shouldn't say that the movie was terrible because you can't relate. Some people liked it.

So I should find a way to appreciate it?


Why don't I become a Nazi and then appreciate Nazi Germany? Is that what you want? To support the Nazis? Some people liked Nazi Germany. People like Adolf Hitler.

Victory. Now, to like Tampopo would be akin to showing support for the Nazi regime. It hurts that I proved that because there were parts of the film that I liked. The style was was quite good. It runs the main story of the comical rise of the Tampopo Ramen (noodle) restaurant while branching out into other short sketches sharing the "food" theme. Including a surprisingly erotic use of egg yolk.


Heather said...

Hilarious. :)

sierra leone seeker said...

a student of mine just used it on a mid-term. when defining "imperialism" -- in a test on the slave trade and nineteenth century Africa.

there's one every year....