Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holophonic Sound

Holophonics, I have always thought that there is great potential for this recording technique. This sample requires that you listen with headphones.

It's interesting that good ideas need investment and an entrepreneur to reach the mainstream. It reminds me of screenplay writer William Goldman's description of the Hollywood production system. The whole thing is based on "reproducing past magic". So films are rarely pitched on their artistic merit but on their profitability. It's common to pitch a film idea by comparing it on two previous successful films: "It's like Titanic meets Jurassic Park" or "it's like Star Wars meets March of the Penguins". It's a paranoid way to soften risk in a volatile industry. It's interesting to see the forces that quell popularity. Was the electric car buried by the oil industry?

Are you surprised that something hasn't caught on?

I also thought that stevia would be everywhere after eating some snacks from the Pan Asian Trading grocery store. Perhaps in your world my Great Great Grand. Although I feel that my generation will be looked back upon as a Golden Age of consumerism and I'm not sure if the same infrastructure will exist for you. Do you have a mainstream? I'm trying to sign off but I guess I should explain it.

A level of popularity in our culture which makes a thing (usually a product or information) omni- available. It has been hoisted into the light for the masses but once it touches the sun it melts and is destroyed. This cycle is known as the economy. Once a thing has become too available and obvious it is often ridiculed and replaced to encourage further consumption. The goal of business is to introduce new forms that can only be replaced in content. When some forms hit the mainstream they become so entrenched that our lives seem incomplete without them. This is the exalted status reached by television, toilet designs, news, shoes. Take shoes for example. The form has been irrevocably mainstreamed (no one can live without shoes) but the particular brand of shoe that is mainstreamed often changes. These changes are known as trends.

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