Monday, January 18, 2010

Sci Fi Summaries. Best Gifts.

For a long time the best gift I ever gave was an obscure book about draining Kirkland Lake for mining that my dad vaguely remembered. Thanks to the internet for finding that one. I had never got my mom a 'next level' gift until, one Christmas, I realized that she was an insomniac who read Grisham all night. Well now, thanks to me, she's also read everything James Patterson wrote.

I can understand how gifts in a relationship can become very symbolic. Will early handmade presents give way to hastily bought chocolates? Liz and I have set our bar frighteningly high. We make shirts for each other with obscure stencils of Nagi Noda or Song Kang-ho. Now, since I spend my days writing, she created this blog, of sci fi novel summaries, to inspire me. Check it out: 365daysofscifi.tumblr.com