Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Went to Seoul

They Went to Seoul from Nemo Dally on Vimeo.

Fourteen summer days.

From batting cages to baduk
From televised math to deep market shrimp
From the '76 axe murder to a Buddhist lunch
Beaches and mountains and subways to Samgakji
From kimchee to bagged chickens
And to all the strangefruits, tandoori saunas, love hotels, rockstars, dog cafes, and kids baking cookies preserved in the deteriorating vault of our minds.

Special thanks to our Superhosts.

1 comment:

thirdwavevegan said...

beautiful peter and liz. those dinners looked epic. is the musak self-composed, or am i a cultural bufoon for not knowing where it is from or how to spell buffoon?