Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gender of Oz

A quick introduction to studying gender roles in our culture. These are the top hits when using Google images to search for Wizard of Oz costumes. Click this report to view a better size.What theories of gender would you draw as a total outsider to our culture?
-Females are not allowed to completely cover their legs?
-Only males are allowed to wear face paint?
-Males can't dress as female characters but females can dress as male characters?
-Females must stand awkwardly. Males must stand straight?
-Males should wear bulkier hats?

Anything else?


Liz said...

females are not allowed to make direct eye contact. Head down, eyes slightly up.

Anonymous said...

Women never get cold.


Andy said...

3/4 of women are white blonds, else redheads.

Anonymous said...

Women have to wear mini skirts and fashionable boots or high heels
Men's costumes hide their figure.