Thursday, July 17, 2008

Underwhelmed by London

I enjoyed King Lear at the Globe theater. We had tickets as "groundlings" -no seats but allowed to stand. Many people, including myself, held ourselves up by placing our arms on the stage.

I feel like a Spook with my "Tube" pass. We bought these incredibly expensive subway passes that give us unlimited rides while we're here. Single rides on London's tube are hilariously expensive.

I finished the Graham Greene book The Human Factor. Do not recommend.
7word review: Family relationships plus double agents equals boring.

When the students are late we punish them by making them wake up early and jog with me. One of the greatest moments happened today. One of the students was left behind by three others who were running frantically to make it on time. The student left behind arrived late and was punished. However, the other three students (who made it on time) felt so badly about abandoning them that all three of them offered to run in her place. Naturally, I accepted this proposition since it was legendary.

I'm very tired. I yawn wildly as I wait as these photos from Paris are uploaded.

I saw a performance of Shaw's Pygmalion tonight. I was not moved emotionally but found some enjoyment giving the play a feminist reading. In the end, Ms. Dolittle was empowered but only after the insistence of the annoying male.

I don't think I've met anyone from London. all of the servers here are foreigners trying to make it in London. The Londoners must be hiding in suits on top floors. In Paris, I felt bad because of the language gap when I was ordering food. Here, the language gap is the other way. My english is "fine" but the servers speak with accents and don't always understand what we mean.

I met a girl named Rachel at the Globe theater. She was cool. In the crowd of standing groundlings behind us a grown man collapsed. He passed out, falling onto his face. Rachel sprung into action and placed him in semi-prone where he woke up and was whisked away on a wheelchair by Globe staff.

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lfar said...

"since it was legendary" is going to be my answer everytime somebody asks "why?" from now on