Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Finished My Script

I applied for money from the government to make my film. The chances are slim but the process helped me articulate the goals of the project. Without the application I hardly ever think about the phrase 'the goals of the project'. I asked for sixteen thousand dollars. I want to spend the money on equipment so that I can make other films in November. When I was at the copy place (I paid ten dollars for them to print one hundred and twenty pages. Usually I print at home but not when it's in such bulk -drains too much toner.)

Do they still have copy places? I wonder what the popular medium is in your day. Today I was daydreaming that there will be a rise of speech activated software and most people will gradually lose their ability to write. We trade dependency for efficiency with machines. Automated world.

There was a lady at the copy place who was printing out her application as well. October 1st seems to be a major deadline in the government-funded arts world.

I keep remembering scenes that are missing from the script. Really intense ones. I forgot to tell you that I cried while I wrote the first draft. I like feeling intense emotions from made up things. It seems silly and appropriate. It was late, I was fatigued. I cried when I wrote Del's line: 'Tell him we knew things were going to change and we didn't know what it was going to look like. Tell him I don't hate him. Tell him I love him."

I emailed the script to about thirty people when I finished the rewrite. Names keep popping into my head of talented people I would like to be involved. Then I went out all day and was hoping to come back to a flood of emails declaring me Viceroy of her Majesty's Amazing Script. It amuses me that when I work on a project so intensely that I assume it is the center of everyone else's world as well.

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