Monday, October 8, 2007

The Haunting of Matt Lemche

I'm quite proud of this little film. I finally put it on YouTube. It had a lil' festival run in Atlanta and Brooklyn and is now at IFC.com. We shot it in two days and edited it in one. My favourite story is that the famous 'plate scene' was completely redone at about 2:30am. Matt was editing the footage and we realized that the shot wasn't quite right. So, with the help of Kostas, we filmed it, captured it, and edited it into the film mere hours before Matt boarded a plane.
The film was completed for Stacy's wonderful Balderdash Festival and it was a perfect fit (the festival is about faking authenticity).

We had ideas for ghostly special effects but we weren't particularly in love with the film idea. For me, the project finally became interesting when we realized that we would use our own paltry understanding of science to rationalize any paranormal activity that we witnessed.

It's a three part video. Here's part two. It begins with the amazing plate scene.

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The Rose is Howling said...

You're right! It is amazing^^ Congratulation, it is one of the most incredible documentary I saw in my life!