Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Online Flirting and Cyclists Dying

Chatting online is different. Conversation is less linear. In spoken communication it's a faux pas to switch topics without warning. Written communication isn't hindered by aural or physical cues. 

In chatting, two people can talk at the same time, following their own thoughts, and leading to lovely, unique, divergences.

Here is a beautiful surreal example from my recent chat with a friend.

A: There are streetcar tracks where there are no more streetcars

ME: In my online dating world, had an amazing late night online flirt session with a smartie. She has a pretty memorable way with words. 

ME: Sigh.

A: and someone died by getting their wheels stuck and was flung onto oncoming traffic

A: that sounds nice - are you going to meet her?

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