Thursday, November 5, 2009

Problem - Video Game Skin Tone

I'm making a video game for fun using Construct. I've run into a problem -what gender and skin tone do I choose for the main character?

I decided to:

A. Leave the gender of the main character ambiguous. Use an androgynous figure and never mention 'he' or 'she' in the game.

B. Make the game randomly generate the skin tone of the main character.

Then I ran into more problems:
-How many skin tones should I include? Four? Three? Five?
-Are these hairstyle androgynous? (personally, I only think one of them captures that look)
-Should the user be able to choose their skin tone? (including a "doesn't matter, randomly assign my skin tone" option?)

These are problems that mainstream games do not deal with. They simply use white male, white female large breasts, or Italian plumber.


lfar said...

I think number two is most gender-neutral. I like the ideal of a randomly generated skin tone, with maybe 4 different tones? Or maybe even the 3 you have?

Can I play when it's ready?

sara said...

I think you should be able to choose. That way I can FINALLY be a white woman with large breasts.

videogame skins said...

Nice idea, but people(like sara) have already started taking it in wrong way.......

David said...


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