Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Orange

Before my atheism was confirmed by reading the Bible my personal proof of God was the orange. What a delightful and well-designed treat; tasty insides packaged in an organic wrapping.

Each peel seemed like a private message that I was being protected by a great and kind being.

Steps toward atheism:

My young mind was thoroughly confused and disappointed when I prayed for some trivial toy and then got what I asked for. Was God's vision really so petty?

It was high school when I realized that Zeus was not a fictitious character from our mythology unit in english class. He was a god that people put their faith in to explain the things that terrified them (lightning, thunder, the indifference of nature). Identical to our God who explains what happens when we die, why bad things happen to good people, and the indifference of nature.

All debates on Christianity ended with "well, have you read the Bible?" I was irritated by this trump card so I decided to read the Bible. I quickly lost my taste for debating the virgin birth or if God had cruelly set-up Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. I had never seen the whole outdated silliness of the Bible laid bare. It was so obviously the work of humans feigning divine inspiration. Debates still had an irritating end:
"... and that's why it's ridiculous."
"(scoff )Well, have you read the Bible?"
"Yes. Have you?"
"No. But I know that it takes a long time to truly understand."

I'm shocked that any educated person can hold onto their gods. By educated I mean aware of other major religions. Our deeply held beliefs are a product of geography. It becomes so embarrassingly arbitrary.

The trend that I have noticed in high school students is a struggle to believe in a God outside of religion. A clear attempt for the psychological comfort of a galactic father figure without the obvious contradictions of human scripture.

Fast fact for all followers of the religions of Abraham (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), did you know God might ask you to stab your kid?Don't worry, at the last second he'll send an angel to reveal it's all jokes.

Fast fact, did you know the line that did me in was Leviticus 19:19? The part about not being allowed to wear clothing from two different materials.

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Liz said...

Animism. The only safe belief system that's left.
p.s. do you still have my spirit rock?