Monday, May 19, 2008

Hating on Scientology

I don't get it.
The hating on Scientology.

I'll laugh about a belief system as heartily as the next comedian but the attack has moved into thoughtless cliche. Take a gut check of your own beliefs.

They believe in aliens.

Fine. Who gives a shit? We've got people who believe in walking on water, virgins giving birth, a secret book written in gold being handed to a guy with the encryption key, aliens fine. What the f*ck are angels anyway? Winged people from the imaginary paradise that you go to when you die? Wake the f*ck up.

They "go after" wealthy celebrities.

So a bunch of rich people that I haven't met are going to spend their money on something that doesn't interest me. What has changed in the universe? I think a lot of this connects with the underlying dissatisfaction felt by a society addicted to fame.

I'm not championing Scientology. At its best it's the pendulum swinging against the dominance of medical "experts" and science that proves people need to buy drugs. It's interestig that the Germans consider it a commercial enterprise instead of a religion. Mostly, it's as absurd and sad as most human attempts to feel greater than a little beast living on a rock.

But I will say that I'm witnessing my culture build up a shameful comfort in ridiculing it. While no one that I've met has ever read their Holy Book (specifically, for Christians, the book of Leviticus) and kept the cocky spring in their walk.

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