Sunday, September 23, 2007

Writing a Screenplay

I'm writing a screenplay to make in the Summer of 2008. I have wanted to write it for years. I think most people have a movie idea in their heads. That's a feature of our time: a love of celebrity status and a desire for fame through creative arts. I like to think of myself as talented but from a macro perspective I'm a sociological statistic.

The entertainment industry will be decentralized. I work with the assertion that my film will change the world in two ways. It will be a superior amateur feature film (as opposed to the alternately charming and unbearable nature of the YouTube swamp) and it will impact how people want to interact with one another.

I know, I want to read the script too. Here I am again, doing some small task and avoiding finishing the script. I really like most of it but it needs a little more cohesion to its fragmented style. Not enough of what I like in watching films. Missions and clues.

My punctuality is slipping. I'm embarrassed that I cannot adhere to my self imposed deadlines. Three of the actors that I really wanted to use were told they could see a draft weeks ago. Inexcusable. I tell other people that I'm going to create things so that I feel the social pressure to complete them. Not to impress them and disappear. It makes me angry enough to want to finish it right now.

I want to claim 2007 as the year of Prolific but it's not looking good right now. Here's how I'll measure it. These projects must be finished by December:

documentary (Earn It) or short film (Shutout)
novella (Shift) or graphic novel (Circles and Squares)
slam poetry album
slam poetry performance
my pilot
two full length stand up shows
three youtube educational lectures

and it starts with this screenplay

...and this inspirational still from the opening sequence of Ninja Gaiden.

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